Barcelona, Sants; long awaited last part.

It is time to finish the report on Sants. I ended up on 7:th place due to a catastrophic 9:th round, but all in all I am quite happy about my play in the tournament. The eight round encounter with Eric Hansen was probably my most interesting game from the tournament:

Now I am looking forward to next weekends tournament, Västerås Open, which has become quite a prestigious affair, with a line up of 11 GM:s. The more the merrier.

Meijin title match, first game.

The Meijin-sen match between Iyama Yuta and Yamashita Keigo is under it’s way. If you compare the English speaking go world with the English speaking chess world, I am astounded by how little news there is to be found on the great Go matches from China, Japan and South Korea. If these matches were between chess players, then you would be able to find comments on them in a number of places. The best news service I have found is gogameguru. Also, if you are interested in learning a bit more about go, I recommend you to type “Bat’s + lectures” on YouTube and you will find a lot of commented games by this entertaining Bat character. Also, I recommend a blog by Antti Törmänen. This guy is a very strong go player (6 Dan) and comments (mostly) on his own games.

The first game of the Meijin-sen was played last week and (as usual) I am not sure that I have understood anything. Still, I have made an effort to comment on the game. Beware though; I am not a strong go-player. My current raking on IGS is +1Kyu.

As the match proceeds you will be able to find the games here.

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Barcelona, Sants, Part 2.

In the fifth round of XV International Chess Open de Sants, Hostafrancs & la Bordeta I came across a game that well illustrates why it is such a bad idea to exchange the white-squared bishop for a knight in a Czech Benoni pawn structure:

A third post on the tournament will follow.