2:nd place in the Swedish Championship

It took me half the tournament to come to my senses, but when I finally did, I played decently, and I also had a bit of luck. In the final round I misplayed a position that was slightly favorable for me, and then – in mutual time trouble – my opponent and I both missed an important detail on move 29 that could have decided the game in his favour:

With this win I ended up on second place after Vitalii Sivuk, who played significantly better than the rest of us.

Carlsen plays the Modern

I really hope this is not the last part of a series, but considering that the result went his way, I’m hoping for a continuation. So, to make a short story: Magnus (who’s surname everyone knows) lost the first round of the Bilbao Masters to Nakamura and had to bounce back, fast, in order to have a chance at winning it all. The counterpart: Wei Yi, a player from the East, of awesome strength. Will Magnus answer his opponents 1.d4 with his traditional light square strategy? Anyone? (Yes, everyone knows the answer to that question. Everyone deserves a “well done”.)

In the coming week I will update you on the progress of the Swedish Championship and also write something about my upcoming match against Alexander Morozevich. We will play a bit of chess, but also go.