Fagernes GM 2022

I had not played a tournament since just before Christmas when I arrived in Fagernes mid April, and feelings of have-I-forgotten-how-play(?) kept me company, and were enhanced by the fact that I had a terrible form-dip around the beginning of the year. Last year’s edition of the tournament was slightly weaker than usual, due to the covid restrictions, and I played well enough to win it. This year the line-up was much stronger, with names the like of Sasikiran and Donchenko, and my main ambition was to get to a place where I would get to play the top of the field. In the first round I had to fight hard to win against much lower rated, very young, and obviously talented German player, Bennet Hagner, and I got so immersed in the game that I never got the time to walk around and see other games. But next to us another strong youngster, who I had only heard of before, played a game that I did like:

I believe Dvoretsky would have enjoyed seeing such a game, where the bishop pair eventually emerge victorious. But, perhaps he would have preferred to see one of them exchanged, “at the right moment”. 🙂

Random challenge to self – part 2

When I entered the site for the first time in a year, I found that I had prepared a game, but forgot to publish it, so here it is, another game chosen from a random selection of games. It is time to start anew.