TePe Sigeman & Co Chess tournament 2022

The flagship of Swedish chess is well under way, and for those who like to follow high level fighting chess live, it is a real privilege to live in Malmö these days (I will write something about where to go if you visit later this summer). The local hero, Nils Grandelius, has three draws when I am writing this, and personally I root for him, not only because he is my compatriot, or because we have played on the same (national) team for years, but also because he produces games like this one against David Howell, from their 10-game match earlier this spring:

This years line-up stars upcoming players like Erigaisi and Niemann, alongside well known names like Adams and Navara. In round

Fagernes GM 2022

I had not played a tournament since just before Christmas when I arrived in Fagernes mid April, and feelings of have-I-forgotten-how-play(?) kept me company, and were enhanced by the fact that I had a terrible form-dip around the beginning of the year. Last year’s edition of the tournament was slightly weaker than usual, due to the covid restrictions, and I played well enough to win it. This year the line-up was much stronger, with names the like of Sasikiran and Donchenko, and my main ambition was to get to a place where I would get to play the top of the field. In the first round I had to fight hard to win against much lower rated, very young, and obviously talented German player, Bennet Hagner, and I got so immersed in the game that I never got the time to walk around and see other games. But next to us another strong youngster, who I had only heard of before, played a game that I did like:

I believe Dvoretsky would have enjoyed seeing such a game, where the bishop pair eventually emerge victorious. But, perhaps he would have preferred to see one of them exchanged, “at the right moment”. 🙂

Random challenge to self – part 2

When I entered the site for the first time in a year, I found that I had prepared a game, but forgot to publish it, so here it is, another game chosen from a random selection of games. It is time to start anew.

Random game challenge to self

I wash my hands of the notion that I have stopped writing. Rather I’m working towards a point where, with a good conscience, I can say that the opposite is true. There is the problem of what to write about. I do not know half as much as I would like to about that which I care most about, and although I value my opinion no less (“rather more”, I hear you who know me think) than the average guy, I wish not to be yet another opinionated dilettante. There are enough of those already; the pornographers of truth. Still, in these times of a global epidemic, I find it hard not to be opinionated and to keep my stuff in private. There is so much information, so many curves, diagrams, predictions and colored schematics, that it is hard not to be sucked in and carried away. I mean, have you heard about the Danes? (In the south of Sweden we ask ourselves this on a regular basis, so nothing new there.) (…and the Danes do the same with us.) What about the Swedish Government doing nothing, the Orange Bozo doing less, some countries going all in and some just crumbling? I heard it’s true. It’s disturbing, and all over Youtube. My keyboard is coughing. Perhaps I have been digitally infected?

In order to avoid setting Poe’s law in motion I will stop there. Instead I will share a game which I chose from a set of 10 randomly picked games:

I went through them all and decided on the second most lazy option:

Tomorrow I will give an internet seminar on the topic of “traffic jam on the weak squares”, for ChessPlus (in Swedish). If you would be interested in attending such a seminar in english or spanish, then please contact me through the menu on the left.