Olympiad Round 8.

So what happened to round 7? Well, I was tired and there was a free day and a friend of mine invited me to go on a sightseeing tour, so… they cancelled round 7. Also, Sweden had the greatest go success ever when Fredrik Blomback took the bronze at the European Go Congress in Vatra Dornei, Romania. On the road to the 3rd place he won against three professionals, so I had to celebrate it properly, by going through his games. I would have posted links to them here, if it was not for the annoying fact that the games were not properly reported; that some moves were wrong, and that I do not want you to think that Fredrik played any less great than he actually did. The ever entertaining Benjamin Drean-Guenaizia won the title by winning against Artem Kachanovskyi in the final. Through the link you can watch both the bronze match and the final.

So, Olympiad, Chennai, today. In the open, Sweden managed to win against Zambia, which was kind of expected although Zambia has performed very well so far in the tournament. The Swedish women were up against the higher rated Israelis, and although Pia Cramling were the one to finish the match in Swedens favour, it was Inna’s game that was most impressive:

Olympiad Round 5.

Not very inspired today, from neither the women’s team, nor for us in the open section. There were many interesting games today, and I enjoyed scrolling through the top matches for such a long time that I forgot to go to dinner. So, consider the game below the top of the iceberg.

Olympiad Round 4.

A good day for Swedish team in the Open, as we won 3,5-0,5 against South Africa. The women’s team were on their way to 2-2, with Inna winning her 4:th game in a row, but in the end they lost the match 2,5-1,5.

Inna’s game was an epic turn-around, and you can watch it here. My game was the most entertaining I have played in weeks:

Tomorrow we play against the Phillipines. Now I will take a walk around the compound to see if can find some interesting insects. Hopefully take some pictures too…

Swedish Championship last post

Both Axel Smith, Ludvig Carlsson and Martin Jogstad had a terrible run at some stage in the tournament, but also produced some quite good games along the way. I have not had the energy to comment a game of each and every one of them, but I believe Ludvig deserves praise for his second round win against Axel:

It was not Axel’s best game, but I still find it impressive that Ludvig stayed in the drivers seat for the whole game and made it to the finish. Axel is really, really well prepared in some such passive positions, and equally strong:

From my perspective, a very impressive game. I would not have held a draw from that position; not in ten games against an opponent of such strength.