Carlsbad Level 1. course coming up in August

The first weekend in June I held a workshop on the Carlsbad structure for Swedish elite juniors, in Lund, Sweden. As usual, when I have prepared a big theme like this, I was not able to go through even half of that which I had prepared. The two days turned out to be two days too little for me to get even half the way. So, for those who attended and anyone who is interested, I will publish a few of those games that we did not have the time to go through (the one below we managed to skim, very shortly).

I will hold a Carlsbad workshop in week 32, 7-13/8, where you will be able sign up to as soon as I get a hang of the “event”-function in WordPress. The cost of attending will be 130 Euro, which includes 8 hours of Carlsbad lessons online, and a 1½ hour private session for going through games of your choice. If you are interested you can send me a message with the “contact” button on the left.

The Swedish Championship starts on Saturday, and I cannot say that I am well prepared, so I will try to reign in my ambitions and just play some good games, hopefully.