European Go Congress, Open round 8.


So, finally, I lost a game in the main open. Most of the early stages of the game went my way, but by the late middle game, I became increasingly unsure about the standing. Was I ahead by a few points, or was I behind? It really shold be my first priority to improve my counting. Not knowing if you are ahead or behind is a big handicap towards the end of a game.

I analyze all my games first on my own or with someone else, and then I use AI-sensei to get something to compare my opinions with. I believe this is the right order. A lot can be lost in the learning process if we just look for answers, without having a clear opinion ourselves first.

As the tournament has proceeded I have been able to look at my games together with other go players, and I came to realize that my games are overly dramatic. I tend to start complications even when they do not favour me. This loss was perhaps a move in the right direction. I did start complications that did not favour me, but it was not too early on, and with my understandning of the score it made some sense.