Longest break from chess in 30 years

I had not played a tournament game in three months when the Swedish Team Championship started last weekend, which meant coming back from my longest break from chess since 1993. My team, Växjö SK, played in the second league last year, and we won it, and thus we are back in the top group, “Elitserien”. In the first round we played against Wasa SK, and I managed to win with White against Nikita Meshkovs. After the game there were quite a few who expressed the opinion that the game looked very smooth on my part. Well, it was not. Judge for yourselves:

My team managed to draw the match, and also in the second round we drew against Stockholms SS, a team that was stronger than us on paper. In the third round we played against last years winners, and we got properly creamed, with 6-2. Still a good start to the season for us.