Carlsen vs Anand for the uninitiated (and the initiated)

The just finished tournament “Norway Chess” was won in great style by Sergei Karjakin. It was great to watch the fighting spirit of the winner of this tournament, but at the end of the day I cannot help but to be most fascinated with the meeting between the upcoming World Championship finalists: Carlsen and Anand. It seems to me that their game from round 2 well illustrates the what we can expect to see more of in November. Originally I intended to comment this game in two completely different ways; one game for those who no very little about chess and one advanced version, but in the end I decided to mix it all together. It is my ambition that anyone should be able to follow the beginning of the game. It is first after move 15 or so that the comments become more specialized. (At the moment the master architect of this page is trying to find a way for the board to display numbers and letters on the rims so that it will become easier to follow the comments: Hopefully it will be fixed later in the week.)

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I cannot remember last time I looked so much forward to a chess event as I do now. The 6:th of November it starts.