European Go Congress. Tricky tesuji at the end.

In go it is very hard to appreciate what you need to know before you can get to the next level. There are aspects of your game that can be improved upon, but it helps if you can find something that really stands out, a key that can open the door to the next level in a second. After the game today, my opponent said ”I was leading with half a point” (at the end), and he was right. I tried to count the points again and gain, but I never arrived at a clear conclusion. My answer fluctuated with a point in one direction or the other. I will make a seriuos effort to count better in the coming year. Perhaps it will open the door?!

So, today, I got off to a good start, held on in the middlegame (better than ever before), but stumbled towards the end, but then I found a tesuji that turned the game around: