Experimenting with Twitch

Twitch was not my usual cup of tea until i found out that there are plenty of strong Go-streamers, much stronger than I am. I watch almost everything that the European Go Federation streams, and only occasionally do I get a bit depressed that such magnificent commentators have so few viewers (relativeto other games). It seems to me to be a sign of the times, and as I am getting older and grumpier, you can probably guess where that rabbit hole leads. Don’t get me started on the times.

But, I will try out streaming now and then in the next month, some Go and some Chess. Perhaps there will be Youtube videos soon thereafter. “Baby steps”, I tell myself. Hopefully I will be able to walk.

So, check on “grumpy”, but check on “evolving” too.

The Swedish Go Team managed to take second place in the B-group of the Pandanet European Team Championship, and it gave us the chance to play a qualifying match against Austria. For the second time this year I got to meet a lower rated opponent:

It is very unlikely that I would have found the kill (move 169), unless I had help from AI-sensei to analyze the game. It is a tool that I find indispensable.