Sigeman & Co. Chess Tournament, parts 2 and 3

The tagline should of course be:

“The revenge of the h-pawn”

…starring Richard Rapport.

The latest developments in the Sigeman & Co. Chess Tournament made me remember my early years, when I used to throw the h-pawn down the board as fast as I could, not seldom tucking the king in on f1, or just leaving it where it was. Even now I am surprised at how often I got away with murder this way. I guess the reason has something to do with that an h-pawn (that is sneaking down towards us on the h-file) activates something within our lizard brain; it’s the equivalent of a big spider. We react with fear. Well, there is no reason to…

As if that was not enough, in the next round Rapport was at it again. What a hero!

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