Swedish Championship starts on saturday

I have been trying to save my superlatives for a tournament that really stands out as well arranged, smooth and professional, but as it turns out it is already time to pay up. Every tournament I have played in the last year has been well arranged, but The Visma Chess Tournament, last month, really stands out. It is nice to experience a tournament with such a relatively short history, which still manages to deliver… even that which you did not expect from the beginning. Although I didn’t score as well as I might have expected, I still played some exciting chess and now I am really (I mean really) looking forward to the Swedish Championship. I’m especially excited about the strong field, with 9 GM:s and 4/5 of the Sweden’s Olympic Team participating. So, who is the favourite? I have mentioned Emanuel Berg, Hans Tikkanen, Jonny Hector and myself before, but I have saved a game from the main favourite that was played a few weeks back: