Tiviakov wins…

This is a game that I intended to post a long time ago, but my new book on the Modern came in between.

I often tell ambitious players to find and study the games of a player who has strengths others than the ones they have themselves. It is honest advice since I have myself done just that for at least fifteen years. In October last year I went to play the annual Guernsey Chess Festival and was especially looking forward to playing since it would give me an opportunity to play against one of the players that I had formerly studied, Sergei Tiviakov. In the end it so happened that I played so badly that I did not even get a chance to play him. Tiviakov, on the other hand, played a convincing game and in round 5 he faced his main adversary, Mark Hebden, with the black colours:

In the end chess is about making many strong moves and Sergei just seems to make quite a lot of them.