On my way to the European Go Congress

Tomorrow evening I will travel to Markkleeberg, a suburb of Leipzig, to participate in the Open European Championship (and play as much go as possible in twelve days). Usually I am unable to participate in go tournaments like this one, since they tend to collide with important chess events, so I have been looking forward to this for a long time. Last year I had planned to play in Vatra Dornei, in Romania, but it collided with the Chess Olympiad in Chennai, and I had to cancel.

We will be a small contingent from Malmö, with four players and one supporter. I will try to write and post games about every second day. My goal is – as usual – threefold: I want to play some good games, and preferably in a more solid style than i use to, and I would like to play some interesting and adventurous moves. Also, it would be nice to get above 2200 in rating, but it is only a side-goal, since good games will most certainly get me there.

I will take on new (chess) students in August. I charge 90EUR for 1½ hours online coaching, and if you want to give it a try I offer the first half an hour for free. I just discovered that the contact-button in WordPress does not work, and I will try to get it fixed shortly. In the mean time you can contact me through Messenger, or WhatsApp. I will keep a look out for new messages.