…and conquered.

Are you familiar with the feeling of having totally forgotten how to play chess? This was how I felt at the beginning of Sveins 6. Minnesturnering, and therefore, in the end, it came as something of a shock to me that I managed to win it. To start from the beginning; it all began well. The weather forecast was depressing, yes, but I did not lose the first game, although I was very close to. We enter the stage after my 24:th move:

In the next round I was in a bit of trouble again, but this time I was saved by a heightened tactical sensibility. Black has just played his 18:th move:

That could also have gone worse, but now I started to feel a bit better. In round 3 an 7 I played the Black side of the Modern.  One game will be published under “coaching” later and both games will probably figure in the coming “Modern Tiger” (the follow up to “Tiger’s Modern”). After 8 rounds I had 6½ points, but still had not played a really good game. In the last round I was hoping to change that:

If I forget about not seeing the “simple” 22:nd move, then I can be almost happy with this game. In the end I scored 7½/9 and that I cannot be unhappy with, result-wise. More interesting chess than that I played was seen in the games of 13 year old Aryan Tari, who was very close to make a Grand Master norm again. My next post will be about the Visma Chess Tournament, that starts tomorrow, but then I will show an example of one of his games.