Looking forward to Sveins 6. Memorial tournament

Off again to face the hoard of Norwegian talent. If you have ever played chess in Norway you know what I am talking about. In this case I am going to Oslo to participate in Sveins 6. Memorial tournament. My hopes are to improve on my start from last year, when “I came, I saw” and then lost in the first round:

There was some friendly fire on move 18 and 25, but still, it is a very uncommon occurrence that I lose a game like that without ever being better. The good thing about losing that game was that I was completely focused when, later in the tournament, I came up against one of the most promising juniors in Norway:

After this game Aryan has continued to improve and, earlier this year, he managed to score his first Grand Master Norm. That about that. This year I know what I am up against and hope to add “and conquered” to the coming and seeing.