European Go Congress, first rounds.

Malmö go-club rarely see more than a handful of players on Wednesday evenings, so it is quite something that five of us are attending the European Go Congress:

Four of us have played in the tournament (so far), and our score is 5/8 after round 2.

Yesterday I won a hard fought game against a Japanese gentleman:

Today I was against a kid who played very fast, and well, in the beginning, but eventually I gained the upper hand. Then things got very complicated:

At the end of the game, I do not remember quite how, but I lost the ko, and cut off some of his stones at the bottom right instead. At the very end of the game, my opponent did not connect a ko, but played a dame-point instead, possibly because he was used to the chinese rule-set, and this allowed me to win the game with the smallest possible margin, 0,5 points.