European Go Congress 3

Today there was no round played in the open and I visited the Bach Museum, and the the Thomaskirche with my friends, and then the Mendelssohn-haus on my own. I won my game yesterday, and we spent the evening preparing for the Bach museum by listening to some… Bach. In the morning Jörgen and I discovered that there are numerous new videos with the Swedish composer Karl Birger Blomdahl on Youtube, whose music we share an affinity for. I love the violin concerto and J. could revisit ”Minotaur”, a piece he once heard on the car radio, and liked so much that he stayed in the car long after parking it.

One of the many things that I find wonderful with the go congress, is that there are professionals that can review the games with you. Yesterday we were not able to get ahead in the line, but tomorrow I will wait patiently.